Kindle in Ireland

The Kindle from Amazon is the best selling eBook reader and you can buy a Kindle online in Ireland direct from Amazon in the USA .
Normally – Irish residents would shop online at the Amazon UK website  – but for various , if you want to buy a Kindle in Ireland you have to get it from the Amazon.Com Kindle Store
Amazon launched some new versions of the Kindle in September 2011 – the Kindle Touch and the Kindle Fire – but these are only available in the United States and it looks like they won’t be available in the UK or Ireland for a long time.

The lowest priced Kindle on Amazon – for use in Ireland is now just $109 Dollars – when the taxes and shipping costs are added it comes to about €120 Euro.
See the Cheapest Kindle Here
The Kindle shown as $79 dollars is the “Special Offers” one – which has advertising and is not available to buy in Ireland.

The cheapest 3G Kindle with a keyboard- which gives you free internet access in about 100 countries – costs  $189 dollars – which converts to about €195 Euro including delivery to Ireland . 3G Kindle with Keyboard

See the various other Kindle options at Amazon here

The Kindle DX has a larger 9.7 inch screen – and is better for reading textbooks. The DX Kindle can be ordered online at Amazon for UK and Ireland delivery – SEE Kindle DX Here

People in Ireland can also buy a Kindle Keyboard online from Viking Direct – with  delivery included in the price – which is currently €145 (€119.99 ex vat) for the basic model.
The 3G Kindle with keyboard costs €193.59 at Viking .

Some reasons to buy the Kindle:

1. The Specialist e-ink technology mean it’s like reading a book, and much more comfortable on the eye than a computer screen or a tablet.

2.  Free web worldwide.  –  Yes it’s true – if you buy a 3G Kindle you get free internet access (via mobile networks) across most of Europe and some of the world . (About 100 countries). So – you can  download books or newspapers at no additional cost, even without wi-fi connection.  There is also  a web browser (look under  “experimental” option in the menu )  . It’s black and white, and pretty basic –  but for scanning text  and checking  web-mail like Gmail it’s fine and at  no cost. For anyone who travels abroad regularly this is a great little feature – and will cut out the need to use those mobile data roaming on your mobile phone.

3. You can download books directly. The beauty of the Kindle is, due to the wi-fi or 3G, you don’t have to connect to your computer to download books – get them straight to the Kindle.

4. Long battery life. It has a long battery life, though if you’re not downloading books or using the web, turn wi-fi off to conserve juice.

Irish Residents – Buy your Kindle at Amazon Here . or buy a Kindle at Viking here

UK residents buy your Kindle at Amazon Here